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Well, it seems that there is no end to opinions on home schooling. We had a heavier week than normal with opinions, comments and emails. One thing for sure, this is a hot topic. A week or so ago, an article came out in “El Pais”, a very liberal paper titled, “home is not a school” loosely translated. The article was not only very biased, but very anti-parent. Several comments stated in it reeked of Rouseau’s philosophy that would have the state raise children to avoid any parental or religious indoctrination.  This absurd approached cost the lives of several of his own children. (sometimes the practical of a philosophy can turn on you).  The article stated plainly that parents can’t teach their kids because they are too biased and  oh yes, my favorite, parents can’t teach them because kids are not their property. Thus they are the property of the state. WATCH OUT, here comes the Communists.  It was VERY disturbing to read these thoughts and yet they are not the thoughts of the current average Spaniard.  (Thank the Lord).

So, what do we do, midst such extremes? Pray, stand firm and show the World the power of the God through well raised kids.

We had a meeting this week with 3 people in charge of trying to let us know that the city is not in agreement with our home schooling, in the end, the Social Service individual said, “It sounds like you are doing the best thing for your family”, and then added, this is odd, usually we have these meetings to deal with negligent parents or parents who are pulling their hair out, weeping and asking ‘What on earth do I do with my rebellious kids?’, but you guys obviously know exactly what you are doing!”  We were encouraged.

We had with us Paco Gonzalez, a representative from the Home School Assoc. that we belong to. He did a fantastic job of explaining things to the panel and arguing for us. Thank the Lord for Paco. He stayed with us 2 nights and he was a further encouragement to us in the battle.


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It has been a long enduring wait, yet here we are throwing about our thoughts as if they were edible, delictable savory bits that all are just starving for.  

Life is a roller coaster ride, but for some reason, you don’t get to choose the difficulty level.  I am glad for a sovereign Lord at the controls. We have not had a kids ride in a while, all big boy stuff. We rode the one at California adventure and that is what our life in Spain has been like since arriving. And yet, I will tell you one thing, satan may not want us here, but it would take a rather large crow bar to pry me loose from this battle.  

Today for example, we had the education delegation stop by, a rather pleasant gal named elena, who seemed more nervous to tread in on our lives then we were to have the Spanish gov’t poking their noses into our business. The school here is maintaining that we are illegally home schooling and we are cordially disagreeing.  They keep telling us that they are going to have to start “THE PROTOCOL” for absenteeism. (sounds scary). This is done here to deal with delinquent parents and kids. Not for responsible hard core home schoolers. Anyway, it will be interesting. 

Running out of steam for today, more soon, nate

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Bienvenido a nuestro blog. Okay, enough fancy show off talk.  Thank you for coming and checking out all the novedades (oops, more showing off) that means, news!  We will be adding lots of good life morsels for you to enjoy as you sip your way through the blogs of life. blog blog blog. 

We have been in Spain now for nearly 10 months and are finally getting things rolling with a more acceptable form of mass communication.  We hope to provide you with a glimpse of life here in Spain. Ups, downs, and all. 

So to all, warmest greetings and may the reading begin.


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