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Introducing Crockett!!

In the midst of difficult and stressful things, what can be more fun than a puppy. As we have had many years of wanting but never being the perfect time for it, we finally have become dog owners. Crockett was added to the family recently and he has been a fun addition. I have never been one to snuggle, cuddle or be affectionate with animals but oh my kids and wife are!! This has been a smile from God and although our socks are showing more bite marks lately, he is a welcome blessing.dsc_1243


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Music to my ears.

dsc_1251You know how life can be a bit stressful at times and then God does some things in your life and it is like shot of pure joy or adrenaline? Well, two things have happened this week that have caused me, us, great joy and this surge of strength. One is that as I walked into work in the office this morning. I hear Sierra playing, “oh how I love Jesus” on the Piano. With 2 hands, chords and all. She has never had a piano lesson from anyone, only Violin and Cello. She loves to play the piano, she has composed a wonderful piece that we will be putting on you tube soon. But here is the rub. As you know we have to sacrifice to serve the Lord, and we have sacrificed some in living out this work in Spain, one really hard sacrifice for Mary and I is knowing that during  these formative years, the kids have had so much instability as to a home that music lessons, soccer or sports etc. have been mostly lost. No going back and recooping them. Anyway, to hear her play as she did, gave me such a sweet sense of joy that it really was powerful. 

Secondly, Mary has had so much struggle in working with Timmy and helping him learn to read, math and almost anything academic. He shines in social skills, biking and building lincoln log houses. But this week we have seen a different Timmy. We have seen a break in the wall of learning for him and just in time, as we have been stretched so far. 

I just praise the Lord for these things, Andrea too had a great break through this week as she has had a more rebellious attitude lately. She is also showing us a sweet side that is wonderful. 

All this is such an answer to all of our prayers. We know we have an army of people praying for us right now and this is a huge blessing.

Oh, how I love Jesus, oh how I love Jesus, oh how I love Jesus, because he first loved me!!!!

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