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helpers from Caniles and neighbor kids

helpers from Caniles and neighbor kids


saying goodbye to neighbor friends

saying goodbye to neighbor friends

After one year of Spanish language learning and cultural adjustment, we have moved to a new long term ministry location.  You may remember that our plan in coming to Spain was to work in Guadix long term. So what brought about this change?



Well, two issues brought about this change. One was our need to work in a real team where we would be able to learn under other missionaries and have healthy support. This had been our hope in Guadix but it did not become a reality and we found ourselves working through all the cultural stresses and issues alone. Secondly, our mission is moving toward a new strategy that places missionaries in larger team bodies.

This brings us to Ubeda…

a familiar sight:  Nate with his drill.

a familiar sight: Nate with his drill.

 where we are now going to be working with John and Jan Lohrenz.  They are veteran missionaries. Although they have only been in Spain a few years, they spent around 25 years in Guatemala doing church planting and leadership development. 


We are very excited to be working with them as they home schooled their now adult boys, AND dealt with the issues involved in learning disabilities as their youngest had very serious struggles similar to our Timothy. God has provided in them wonderful role models for us as well as other strong leaders in the church here.  We feel that God has opened many doors for us to make this move including a home that is much larger and more fitting for our needs. 

The church itself is a growing body of around 60 members. The youth is mostly comprised of girls and Sierra and Andrea have already felt really welcomed in.

So, moving day was a fun day as you can imagine. We hired a truck with driver to come and help, and help he did. We also had a handful of neighbor kids pitching in as well as some British friends come to our aid.  In Ubeda, we had many helpers from the church help bring things up MANY stairs.  Since we’ve had Felica come to help set up our home.  We were invited 4 times for meals the first week.  We are quite blessed with our situation here…having other believers around us, having a team, a larger home than Guadix facing south and with heating.   Ubeda is surrounded by olive orchards.  It is 1 1/2 hours from Guadix and about the same from Caniles.  We are able to keep up relationships in these cities which is an added blessing to our location.

We live in a community of 20 townhomes that share a pool in the middle

We live in a community of 20 townhomes on the edge of town.


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