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I have the special privilege of celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary this coming June 13th!! This is a truly wonderful thing and so, as this is fairly rare, I will make the trek over the sea to see them for this joyful day.  Mary and the kids will stay here and hold down the fort. I will arrive June 11th at 9pm and return on the 23rd of June. Pray my passport gets back to me by my fly day as it is being renewed as we speak.(ugh)  

My first visit after their special day will be to Orcas to visit our home Church, Orcas Island Comm. Church. Then mid the following week I will head back to the mainland to visit with as many churches and friends as possible before returning. It will be a full time. On the 21st, I will be preaching at Grace Community Church at 10 am. They meet in the Maydenbauer Center if you would like to visit. There website is http://www.gracebellevue.com.

As I come back, if you have a group that would like to hear me share about Spain, please let me know and I can see if I still have an opening. I hope to see many and would consider it a privilege.


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Yes, some Spanish is easy…but that is NOT what this post is about, it is about HOW INCREDIBLE THIS PAST WEEKEND WAS!!!!!  We are just thrilled with all that occured this past Wednesday thru Sunday. 


Mision Posible is a bi-yearly Youth event that is all about encouraging Spanish believing young people in their walk with Jesus through challenging speakers, amazing times of worship, Incredible live Christian music and rubbing elbows with hundreds of other Jesus loving teens.  (1,400 in total this year!)Christian/Flamenco band, the crowd loved it!

You may miss the magnitude of this event due to your growing up in a Society where big Christian events are commonplace (they were for me).  But for these kids who regularly struggle with being the only one…this event was earth shaking. It was beautiful to see the joy, passion and companionship of these teens. They were all SO encouraged.img_12481

Our church in Ubeda sent a group of 16 including 5 adults.  We traveled up in a rental van and our van. Mary stayed home with our boys while I took Sierra and Andrea.  For me, it was a very important time of growing a deeper relationship with these young people. The youth of the Church are my primary responsibility so this was very valuable. 

During my time with them, I found myself so thankful for the opportunity to pour myself into them and in the overall mission that Mary and I have, I see this as a very effective method to reach Spain for Christ. Many Christian young people stop attending church as adults due to the same reason of kids in the states, but here they face an even more secular, humanistic society where the powerful waves of culture are a tremendous force for them to move against.   I  am so encouraged to build into them, the firm foundation of Jesus and walk with them as they more than survive, but thrive in their world.img_1270

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Saxes in Spain                  CAM International                     March 2009    Vol. 1

We have moved!

Guadix to Ubeda

Ubeda? Where is Ubeda? As you can see from the photos, we are in
the middle of olive country. We are about 1 ½ hours from Guadix.  So, what caused this move to
Ubeda?  Two main issues made this a great place to relocate to. One, was our need as new missionaries to work in a team where we can be brought along into the work by other experienced
missionaries. We had hoped for this in Guadix but it became apparent that it
wasn’t possible. In Ubeda, we will be working with CAM missionaries who will
have time to work with us. Secondly, CAM is consolidate some of its
missionaries to work in closer teams that will support each other and be
healthy locations where they can send new missionaries.  This change has already been
encouraging to our family & ministry.



Ministry agreement

Below pictured is the combined leadership team of the Ubeda church
plus two mission leaders with CAM and SEND. We signed a 3 year work agreement
that has us helping the church in Evangelism and church planting in the nearby
towns as well as youth work.  As we have come to know these individuals, we have found this to be a very Grace
driven group with a real passion for Evangelism and saving the Lost. We are excited to be part of this work. 
We have also enjoyed getting to know the believers in the Ubeda church.


img_11141img_1115               img_1027

CAM joins forces

We feel privileged to be working with Jon and Jan Lohrenz,
long-term CAM missionaries doing church planting ministry in Baeza in
cooperation with the Ubeda church. 
They raised their 3 boys in Guatemala where they home schooled.  We treasure their insight as they also
had a child with some of the same challenges we have in Timmy.  We are already sensing a healthy
difference being a part of a team. 
This July there will be an evangelism campaign in Baeza.  There are many opportunities for teams
to come in the future to help in the evangelism efforts.

Ministry In Ubeda

Some activities we are involved in are:   weekly prayer meetings in Ubeda and Baeza, youth
on Saturday nights, weekly team meetings.  I, Nate, will be joining Lazaro or Jon in visitations or other activities.  There is a Women’s breakfast monthly and plenty of mentoring possibilities
with the youth.  Monthly the Ubeda church visits a surrounding town without a witness
to hand out tracts and
witness in addition to the yearly campaigns
.  The kid’s activities such as in music conservatory is also a means of getting to know people as well as getting to know our neighbors.  Our focus will continue to be on language acquisition and cultural adaptation and being in a learning role under the Ubeda leadership.   

Youth group will be a big focus for us.  Lazaro has a vision of youth being used in church planting
efforts as they have a cultural “in” here.  We anticipate a full summer of activities.  April, Nate will accompany the youth to “Mision Posible” in Huesca as part of his new responsibilities.

img_0801  img_0839 img_1093dsc_0011

youth group Saturday night /    prep. For “Mision Posible”  /youth soccer/     Sierra
& Andrea baking for youth

 img_08531 img_0790  img_0836  img_1119

getting to  know
neighbors     women’s
breakfast (Feb)   discipleship
opportunities (Diego)   & hospitality

A significant need

Prayer and financial support are imperative to our ability to be in Spain.  We thank you for being
so faithful and making it possible for us to be ministering here.  We weekly pray for you as well, you are
essential to the ministry here!

Presently, we are experiencing a financial support level
significantly less than necessary to live and minister in Spain on a tight
.  We know the Lord is in control of economic situations and can supply all our needs so we put this need
out there so that you have the chance to respond.  We’ve been using savings reserve to make the difference.  We are in need of $950. Monthly.  Questions welcomed

To give
  1.) online option
http://www.caminternational.org      2.) Send
  CAM  8625 La Prada Dr Dallas, TX 75228
(include note: for Saxes
  #088580)        3.) Call: 800-366-2264


*Praise the Lord for the warm welcome we’ve received from the Ubeda church and for the gracious team we’re now apart

*For wisdom, creativity, and good connection for youth activities and mentoring.

*For the evangelism activities in Ubeda and Baeza and the July campaign.  Open hearts.  Daily activities
with neighbors and locals including music conservatory.

*For the adjustment of our family living in Ubeda and Christ-like character forming in each of us.   For homeschooling and music conservatory

*Financial need mentioned.          img_0890  img_0887  img_0884

*Spanish language, culture.                             Involvement in Music Conservatory 4 days/week

*For “Mision Posible” youth event in April.

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