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A time of prayer & sharing


some swam, & others learned some flamenco steps!


it is a fun group & all enjoyed the BBQ and apple pie

Javier (left) is a new Christian and starting to come to youth functions.

Javier (left) is a new Christian and starting to come to youth functions.



















Saturday night, May 30th we had a big youth BBQ party at our home.  It was a special time of saying goodbye to Krista (CAM intern) and Emery (who teaches English in a nearby town with no believers).  They return to the States soon.  Krista plans on returning in the fall, which we are thrilled about.  We enjoyed a worship time, hearing a testimony, swimming in the community pool, learning flamenco steps, eating, prayer, and lots of music.  As our neighbors also witnessed the youth group, we pray many of them (youth & adults) would be drawn to know more.  

Friday afternoons the girls have youth band practice.  Sierra on violin and Andrea on piano.  They play during youth group and sometimes at the Sunday service.  Pics below from May 31st.


Andrea, Irene, Cesia & Sierra: youth band

Andrea, Irene, Cesia & Sierra: youth band


goodbye to Krista & Emery

goodbye to Krista & Emery


after-church social time

after-church social time












Mary has adopted some grandparents.

Maria has adopted some grandparents.


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We had a sugar-less strawberry pie with a nut crust and coconut cream…delicious!  Each person prepared something special.  Sierra wrote a poem especially for me and had beautiful drawings the boys added to as well.  Andrea wrote a story (wow! does she have a gift for writing!) She also made a flower barrette I could wear in my hair.   Theo also gathered up some CD’s from around the house and wrapped them for me.  Nate has been working on a carving for awhile that he made into a tea light candle holder to hang on the wall (it is beautiful, he is very talented!)  I received 4 phone calls from people in Spain to wish me a happy birthday and some emails too from Spain & the States.  










Otherwise, it was a normal day of activities.  Here we are waiting in the Plaza Primero de Mayo for the kids while they are in conservatory.  We often bring the dogs on these walks and it always proves a good way to start conversation with people.


IMG_1894Friday night, May 29th, the Lohrenzes invited us to their home for dinner in place of the weekly team meeting we have Friday afternoons.  Present were the Pascuals (pastor Lazaro, Loida, Cesia, & Loida), Jon & Jan Lohrenz, us 6 Saxes, Krista Young (CAM intern that is ending her 7 months in Ubeda), and Mike Winn (CAM intern that is here for 7 weeks).  

They were thoughtful in making it a birthday celebration for me.   We spoke a mix of Spanish and English and enjoyed an evening together.

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Focus on Youth

group at La YedraIMG_1726









Youth group activities lately have ranged from handing out tracts in a surrounding town with no church or often any evangelical witness, to playing sports, to meeting at the church for a study, to having a get together at our home, to playing tennis with Jose.  Tennis has not stopped with Jose, as Nate also started with Issac and Lorenz (our landlord).  

This Saturday, we will have a BBQ at our home for the youth group.   Nate is focusing on testimonies right now in these get- togethers.

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DSC_0058A couple times a year, the Ubeda church has an after-church lunch at Paco Hidalgo’s (elder and native of Ubeda) home in the country.  It was a memorable event for all ages.  

It was interesting to hear the stories from the older folks (80’s) and enjoy some pool fun and music with the youth.  

We look forward to the next time!  The church is preparing for the evangelism campaign in Baeza this July 1-15.  These times of getting together are very positive for the unity and growth of relationships within the church.

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IMG_1754IMG_1763IMG_1755For Andrea’s birthday (May 12th), we had a family that goes to the Ubeda church for dinner.  The Jimenez family lives in Linares but attend church in Ubeda.  The kids had a great time.  At one time, we had numerous instruments out and the sound of music resounded through the house.  Earlier in the evening, we sat on the back patio with Jose Maria and Paqui and they told us their testimonies.  We found it such an encouragement to hear how the Lord touched their lives.  Paqui became a Christian during an evangelism campaign years ago in Ubeda which encourages us all toward the campaign happening this July in Baeza.   

Andrea is basically my height now, destined to be taller than her mother.  She is loving playing the piano and  if we don’t find her playing piano, she is reading books.  This year we hope to improve her beautiful smile with braces and continue to encourage her growth in the Lord especially during this changing time of life.

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IMG_1778Last week we visited (again) the foreign office where they do visas in Jaen.  We had a one-year visa to begin that you have to re-new for 2 years, then 5, etc.  There is always lots of paperwork and hassle involved, that comes with Spain.  This time, they lost some of my (Mary’s) paperwork and sent a letter saying that I would have to leave the country in 15 days.  We were told this was a threat without much backing. However, we collected these documents and brought them in as soon as possible.  Things should go smooth now.  Everyone else is just in the waiting stage.

Why the mask?  Well, since we are surrounded by olive trees in Jaen region, and I experienced my first year of terrible allergies.  We also have been told they do lots of spraying on the olive trees so it is a question rather one suffers from the pollen or the chemicals released during pollenation.   I am doing better now after seeing a naturopath who has given supplements and a special diet.  The boys also are to follow dr’s orders as Theo continues to have fluid in his ears impairing his hearing and Timmy has toxic levels in his brain that impair his learning.  They have been very good about their diet and supplements.

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Musical Poetry

My Violin


My frames of wood

I’m scroll and strings

I often sing of many things,

When bow is bent

and then applied

we sing and dance 

of heaven’s song

But when the shine 

has left my frame

I look quite sad

till gentle hand

wipe way my tears

Now I am proud

to feel my gloss

and smell the sap

from the concert dance 

the Sunday last.





     by Sierra Saxe



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