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I am sure there was a nickle on the ground. maybe that is why we broke down

I am sure there was a nickle on the ground. maybe that is why we broke down! (missionaries always looking for a nickle)

Driving south from visiting friends and camping, we found ourselves stranded on the side of the road.  We were not in danger as we had stopped at a look out point, but now the van would not restart. I, having a bit of mechanical background, quickly figured out that it was an issue with the battery and called to get road assistance to come. Mean while, we found ourselves with a van full of worried, scared and crying young ones. What was happening, why was this happening?  We had already been discussing with the kids our likely return to the states and one of the questions was, “Why is God punishing us?”  Why?  The feelings erupting were the emotions of a teen who had gone through a lot in the last 18 months. She was feeling chastised by God from the variety of painful, trying circumstances that we had run through together in Spain.

The fact is, Mary and I had both in prayer and in frustration asked the same things, “Why Lord did you bring us here, why are we facing these battles at so many fronts?”  As I heard her, I was not thinking about myself, but began to try and calm the kids by alerting them to the fact that none of us were bleeding, in danger or beyond hope.  It didn’t take long before help came and we were carried off by the Tow truck and Taxi. Totally paid for by insurance, YEAH!

Later, I found myself realizing that we as a family went through more than just a break down together. We actually found God answering some of our frustrated questions of why and WHAT FOR’s.

None of us are bleeding, yes, at times, we are griping, but we are not hurting beyond repair, nor beyond help. God in his word promised us and has been faithful, “13No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” I Cor. 10:13 He has brought us here and allowed many things for His glory and for His purposes. We are not in charge of our lives, it seems He is AND apparently that he has a plan that he is working out.

I memorized that verse years ago with Teen Missions and it is stuck in my head. It is so true. God is faithful, and when necessary he will carry us away in his heavenly tow truck.


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Rumor has it that a conspiracy of global proportions sent Nathan and Mary Saxe to Spain. The word on the street is that this accomplished two goals, one of lowering the over population issues of Washington State and of exponentially increasing birth rates in Spain. (didn’t happen)

I am going on the record to report that these are false notions, purportedly distributed by a diabolical scheme to twist the Universe.

Having said that, we understand that there will be certain rejoicing in Washington, and sadness in Spain as we leave the one and return to the other. We appreciate your encouraging emails and hope to be able to connect up with you rejoicers early in January 2010 before preparing for our next ministry location.

Just to review for those of you who don’t get our newsletters, we are returning for lack of sufficient funding and to be able to live in a place where we can get educational therapy for our boys. In returning, we will be working with CAM USA to reach out to the 35 million plus Hispanics located throughout the States.

Upon returning we  will first be in Dallas (mid December), for a few days of debriefing, and exploring of ministry work options available to us in the USA.  Then we will drive through AZ, California and Oregon meeting with various others reaching out to Hispanics on our way to WA.  We hope to be with family for Christmas and New Years then be in Washington as we decide the next step.

One of the positive aspects with CAM USA are some of the ongoing construction projects.  I would love to mix my Evangelism gifts with my carpentry skills and have seen some good opportunities to mix the two.  We are considering teams located in Dallas, Portland Or, and Wa.  We will be deciding this once we are back stateside.  Maybe we will be near neighbors!  For more details, email us, we are only a mouse click away! saxe@orcasonline.com

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September 09 newsletter

Fresh From the Olive Press

Suspiro del Moro…Suspiro de la familia Saxe

500 years ago, the Moors were finally defeated and sent south back to where they had come from, across the sea, never again to occupy Spain. On their way out of Granada the conquered king looked back from the last mountain pass, now known as the “Suspiro del Moro” or Sigh of the Moor, that overlooked the city. He was lamenting his defeat and great loss as he turned for his final glimpse. “Don’t cry like a boy, for what you could not defend as a man”. He was told.

We too are sighing with the upcoming loss that we will be feeling as we leave Spain. Yes, you read it right. We are leaving Spain with much sorrow, arriving mid-December in Texas. Our efforts, prayers, petitions etc to see our economic situation change had seen little fruit when, in August, testing for the boys revealed a second issue that must be addressed. With the limited educational possibilities in Spain and the specific needs that they have, we have been advised for this issue alone to be located where we can get some critical educational therapy for them.

The two factors of finance and educational needs, have made it evident that we must return to the States. However, this does not mean that ministry life is over. CAM has a number of teams located throughout the USA working to reach out to the more than 35 million Hispanics of which few have a church. As we return, we will land in Dallas to work on these details and find a place where we can work and have the specific help Mary needs in Home Schooling the kids. Options are Dallas,TX., Portland, OR., or WA. just to name a few, but we will not know until we return and work through some details.

Starting in January, we will be in the Northwest for a time of furlough, catching up with family, friends and churches as well as raising support needed to continue in church planting work among Hispanics. CAM Intl’ is very positive regarding this move, seeing it as healthy for the family and that it is a strategically needed work. Our team leaders here also agree as they too worked through similar issues with their children. They have worked with us carefully during this decision process. We will be sad to leave John and Jan and the work here in Ubeda. We will also be sad to leave behind so many other new and old friends of Spain. There are those in Caniles, Guadix, the church and youth of Ubeda, neighbors and friends. Do you have specific questions about this move? If so, please feel free to write us at saxe@orcasonline.com.

Andrea baptized!!

We had this amazing hot summer, but in the last 2 weeks it turned cold and RAINY. It was in these conditions that we had a perfect beautiful evening to get Andrea baptized. She was very nervous, and yet was able to share her testimony through a beautiful poem shown on the right column. (of course, this is the translation, the original is in Spanish, which she gave in Spanish.)

Continued support needs

We are encouraged by the fact that living will be less expensive in the States, the euro costs $1.50 now. This is one part of Spain we won’t miss. If you would like to help us with our monthly support needs or relocation costs, you can send gifts to:

CAM Intl. or go to CAM website to give online, out account number is #088580
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas TX 75228

Many of you have been praying with us about our upcoming plans, and changes. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. Please remember to keep up with our work by checking out our Blog.

In His Grace, Nate & Mary Michelle Saxe
…communion next day

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