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Waters of Transition

It certainly has been longer than I expected for me to do a blog entry.  It seems the waters of transition have thrown our family through some rough storms and it has taken most of our strength just to navigate through them.

I will start in saying that we had a very touching farewell in Ubeda.  Many kind words were spoken to our family, many tears were shed on our behalf, and a party by the youth was thrown in our honor.  After so many tearful and heartfelt goodbyes in Spain and all the preparations to move our family back to the States, we were not prepared for the instability and difficulty of transitioning back to life that was supposed to be familiar.  There has been many rejoiced reunions with friends and family but the pain of transition still lingers.

It is not that we wish we were back in Spain, although we miss it.  We know the Lord had us move back.  That does not come without the painful package of the sacrifice and suffering attached to giving up to go, to live there, and to come back all in an unexpected short time of 2 years.  It is often hard to swallow the extent of our loss, trials, and unmet hopes and expectations.

There is not a way of getting around this road of suffering we’re on, but we hope that there will be relief soon.  All 6 of us feel it deeply.  It is a place of loneliness, disappointment, digesting and grieving over loss, and often feeling misunderstood and out of place.  We have seen gains in deciding on a location, ministry, testing and possibilities for education for Timothy with his severe dyslexia.  Also, we recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  The offset is being homeless going place to place and tight finances.  We still have not been able to get into a norm or allow our children the stability they need.  We are stretched between a furlough (visiting churches, friends, family), starting over again as a family and all the details involved with that,  the pressure of finding the right fit in ministry under the new division of CAM Hispanic USA before too much time lapses, and homeschooling the kids mixed with a confusion of how to meet educational needs.  There has also been p/t work possibilities that have not come to fruition yet but we hope will soon.  We are thankful and encouraged by the grace shown to us by many as we tread these waters, for the prayers and continued consistent giving.  We know that our journey has consisted in just as many hardships and trials as victory stories but thanks for believing with us that God has a plan through the road He’s been taking us on.  We do know that God is good. Hopefully it will all make sense soon and you can catch with us the rampant needs of the Hispanic community in our country.

We are positive towards the possibility of joining in ministry under CAM with Tierra Nueva in Mount Vernon/ Burlington.  It has been refreshing to experience their approach to ministry which is grace-filled and meeting needs.  We feel that we could learn a lot from being a part of this ministry and it could be a catalyst to effectiveness and possibilities within our giftedness.  We still have in the back of our minds checking out other ministry options but we don’t see any red flags about this ministry or location.  We continue to persevere with a ministry focus, or I prefer to look at it as pursuing after what God puts on our hearts, not other peoples ideas or expectations.  It seems there can be so much focus on serving, spiritual discipline, character, and suffering that we can overlook the point of who Jesus is and how He wants to be real in our lives and offer us unconditional love.  It also seems that as a body we too often fail to meet the needs of people who are suffering.  I think that this is part of the reason for our own road of suffering…it makes us real and sensitive to others so that we do not overlook people with a real need to be touched with love and kindness.

We have enjoyed visiting churches, friends, family.  We admit that getting back on Orcas Island felt the most like coming home.  We have all had heart swings that pull us to want to live back on Orcas, but the price of living and the much larger hispanic population in Mount Vernon pulls us to the mainland.

We have experienced hispanic church in Mount Vernon, and it was definitely an experience, and a new culture (may have to do a blog just on this).  It seems that alcohol, divorce, and child abandonment are pandemic but we also have sensed a duty focus in church somewhat similar to Spanish churches.

I speak for the 6 of us when I say that our hearts yearn most for a home to call our own.  Andrea said through tears recently that she’s tired of going place to place and would even live in a mobile if it didn’t have holes in the ceiling just to have our own place.  We are trying to set ourselves up for long-term to avoid more moves while our things sit in storage.  It is a faith-building experience in itself to find a home but we clutch onto the hope that Jesus has a home for us that will fit all the needs of our family and be a needed component in giving us stability through the waters of transition.


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