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It has been way too long since we posted any info and so this is a quick note to say what is up.

You may know that we have moved into our new (new to us) home, Mount Vernon is our new home and we are really enjoying getting to know folks from our church (The Gathering) and things are starting to take shape with work and ministry.  We recently sent out a newsletter to folks talking about our lives, work and ministry.

We are still CAM missionaries, but our focus is now on Hispanics living in the USA.  This is a fun change as we are finding some interesting differences in cultures. One is the apparent interest rather than apathy regarding spiritual things.  In Spain, we constantly were challenged by mindsets that depreciated anything having to do with a real walk with God or a new life in Jesus.  Here on the other hand, we have had easy open conversations with folks regarding Christianity and find Hispanics to have a real hunger or at least a serious respect for Biblical Christianity.  What a nice change.

On another hand, finances have become a major concern and the reality of getting a good part time job are upon us.  We have had a number of ministry partners end their giving due to financial realities with the economy as well as the fact that sometimes stateside ministries are not their particular focus.  So, our question is whether or not finances will be available much longer for any part time ministry work and if finding full time employment will be necessary.

Mary recently spent the weekend with the Ladies from “the Gathering”. It was an encouraging and special time of friendship building.

Andrea and Theo have enjoyed being part of their soccer teams. They are enjoying it and making lots of friends. Andrea’s team is about 1/2 Hispanic. She also just turned 13!!

Timothy has made friends with latin kids in the neighborhood. I met the parents recently and enjoyed a good chat in Spanish.  They speak of having had a wide range of spiritual input and find it frustrating to have so many different things being taught.

Sierra has started violin lessons again and may start playing as part of the church worship team in the near future.

Pray for us as we settle in here more, deciding about work and ministry and getting into a good routine of both.


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